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From Tv To Total Video: Integrated Video Planning

TV and advertising are essentially interchangeable. Even though the way people watch TV may have changed over the past thirty, twenty, or even ten years, it is still a formidable medium for communicating with potential clients. Today, there are televisions in every location—from bars and restaurants to gyms and waiting rooms—and we make sure your message gets shown there as well.

Your message follows your audience

Many people continue to watch TV the old-fashioned way, which is live television. However, the way people watch TV is quickly changing because to the development of DVR and streaming services. Are you catching the attention of viewers who are now watching their favorite episodes days or weeks later, whether it be on DVRs, VOD, Over-the-Top internet apps and services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon, or through websites like Apple’s iTunes Store and Google Play?

Athieida Media Group can assist you with modernizing your TV advertising so that it can reach viewers wherever they are. Everywhere your clients see your message, we are devoted to making it the center of attention.

Premium placement at reasonable rates

Athieida Media Group ensures that you receive the greatest placement and ad rates possible in addition to scripting, shooting, and editing your TV advertisements. With Athieida Media Group Ads, you can be sure that you’re collaborating with a seasoned group of professionals who have strong ties to the TV advertising industry. We do this to make sure you receive the most exposure possible in all formats.

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